Saturday, July 25, 2020

ColtOS Rom For Redmi Note 8 | Android 10

Sujit Thorat
ColtOS Custom Rom For Redmi Note 8 Which Developed By A Colt Team, A Team Has Develop ROM  For A Many Android Devices, So Here We Know For A Redmi Note 8 Device Features,Bugs Of ROM And How To Install It. A Developers Of ROM Mentioned Below
Before Installing A ColtOS ROM First We Need To Unlock Boot-Loader And Install Custom Recovery(TWRP Recovery) Check Here: Root Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro
Team ColtOS: Credit ColtOS


  • Button Customization 
  • Lock-Screen 
  • Navigation Bar
  • Quick Settings 
  • Recent Apps
  • Status-Bar
  • Battery Optimization
  • New Apps 
  • Latest Security Package
  • Gestures Works
  • Lite ROM

Colt Enigma:

  • Status Bar
  • Carrier Label
  • Clock Setting 
  • Battery Setting 
  • Quick Setting


  • Volume Rockers 
  • Navigation Bar
  • Power Menu
  • Gestures 

Lock Screen: 

  • Lock Screen Charging Info 
  • Music- Media Cover Art
  • Lock Screen Album Filter
  • Ambient Display and More


  • New Dialer
  • Responsive Phone App
  • Easy To Save Contact Details
  • All Gestures Works
  • Add Favourite
  • Easy Back Up Contact Details

Status Bar:

  • Notification Customization
  • Status Bar Icons Change
  • Show Network Speed
  • Swipe To Clear Notification
  • Change Icons
  • Show Battery Percentage 
  • Change Clock Position

Lock Screen:

  • Face Unlock Add Manually 
  • Fingerprint Unlock
  • Lock Screen Notification
  • Admin Details
  • Lock Screen Message
  • Add Weather Info


  • Notification 
  • Animation
  • Colt Decoration 
  • Miscellaneous System Features 
  • System Wide Options
  • Font Manager
  • Color Themes
  • Boot
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera 
  • Hardware Encryption
  • Double Tap to Wake
  • VoLTE
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • IR Blaster
  • RIL (LTE/Dual SIM/SMS)
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • WiFi Hotspot (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz)
  • Video Playback
  • Sensors
  • Touch
  • Adaptive Brightness
  • LED Light    


                                      • Face Unlock Not Work 
                                      Once You Unlock A Boot-Loader Of Your Redmi 8 Device And Install A Custom Recovery(TWRP Recovery) Download And Save Below Files In Internal Storage | External Storage And Follow The Installation Steps Care Fully Listed Below

                                      Requirement For Installation A ColtOS ROM:

                                      Install ColtOS ROM In Redmi Note 8:

                                      • First Of All Download And Copy The ColtOS ROM, GApps, Magisk File In Internal Storage | SD-Card. External SD Card | External Storage Is The Best Choice
                                      • Then Go To Phone's TWRP Recovery Continuously Pressing Volume Up + Power Button After The Power Off Device OR Choose Recovery Mode In Power Menu   
                                      • After Entering The Custom Recovery Mode Take A Backup Of Your Current ROM. Select Back Up | Restore Option And Back Up The ROM 
                                      • Then, Select A Wipe Option And Make A Full Wipe(System, Data, Cache, Dalvik)
                                      • After That Select Install Option And Choose ColtOS ROM File and Flash The ROM File Respectively.
                                      • And Also Install A GApps After The Install ROM File
                                      • Now Again Wipe Cache and Reboot Device.
                                      • If You Want To Root Your ROM. Than Again Choose Install Option And Flash Magisk
                                      • Enjoy The ColtOS Custom ROM On Redmi Note 8 Device
                                      • First Boot Takes 15-20 Min
                                      If You Find Any Problem While Installing OR After Installation Done Mentioned In A Comment Box

                                      Monday, July 20, 2020

                                      Unlock A Forgotten Pattern Lock On Vivo Phones

                                      Sujit Thorat
                                      Unlock Your Android Device There Are Various Tricks and Tips To Bypass Android Security And Various Methods. So Here Am Show You How To Unlock Any Android Mobile Device Using With and Without PC/ Laptop If You're Connected With Internet Then No Worry About The PC/Laptop But If Don't Then You Need A PC And Software For Unlocking Your Device


                                      • Miracle Thunder App For PC: Download 
                                      • Android Device USB Driver
                                      • Data Cable(Must Be Original)
                                      • PC | Laptop
                                      • Internet Connection

                                      Unlock Your Device Using Google Account:

                                      NOTE: To Unlock Your Device, Device Must Be Connected With Internet 
                                      • First You Need To Open The Link Find My Device In Other Device
                                      • Sign In With That Phone By Username (E-Mail ID) and Password
                                      • Once You Sign In The Interface Shows See In Image
                                      • Then You Must Choose ERASE DEVICE and Asking For A Confirmation To Add One More Time A Password 
                                      • After That Device Will Automatically Format and Restart 
                                      • Then You Must Confirm Device With Sign In And Complete The Procedure Of Startup

                                      Unlock Device Using PC | Laptop:

                                      If You Forgotten Your Google ID (E-Mail ID) Password For Unlock Device OR Device May Not Connect With The Internet OR WiFi Then Follow The Below Instructions
                                      • First You Need To Download PC Software Miracle Thunder and Open Run as Administrator
                                      • Now Set Up The App Before Connect Your Device Choose Format Above Right On The Corner  On Select Boot Choose Your Device Which Device You May Format (In My Case I Have A Vivo S1 Device So I've Select 8th Boot) You May Select Your Device On Universal Option
                                      • Then Un-Tick From Safe Mode To Tick On Auto 
                                      • Now, Connect Your Device Switch Must Switch On With USB Cable To Your PC (USB Cable Must Be Original) Do Not Switch Off Your  Device 
                                      • After Connecting Press START BUTTON On Down Corner And Switch Off The Device 
                                      After That Software Automatically Reset Your Device If Doesn't Then You Must Repeated Above Procedure and Unlock Your Device By Confirming Your Google ID and Set-Up The Phone
                                      If You Forget EMail And Password Then Follow The Steps

                                      Bypass Confirmation Of EMail and Password:

                                      • First Setup Your Device Language and Region  
                                      • After That Skip The WiFi Connectivity And Accept Term & Condition Of Google Then Set Up Time and Date
                                      • Then, Add A Password From Option To The Face, Fingerprint, Password Security ( You Must Add Simple Password Or PIN)
                                      • After That Also Skip Restore Buck-Up Data And Skip The Download Recommended Apps
                                      • Then After You Will Redirected Again To The Google Verification 
                                      • Now, You Must Connect To The WiFi And Repeat The Procedure and Also Skip The Verification and This Time You Ask You To Enter A Password   
                                      • The Password Is That You Add Previous Time  And After That Device Will Unlock And You Will Use Continuously
                                      Follow All Above Steps Carefully If You Find Any Error Mentioned In A Comment Box We Will Definitely Help You As Soon As Possible  

                                      Sunday, July 19, 2020

                                      Evolution X ROM For Redmi Note 9 | 9 Pro

                                      Sujit Thorat
                                      Presented Evolution X Custom ROM Based On Android 10 For Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Is Best Ever Custom ROM For Your Device You May Do Various Customization In This ROM According To Your Purpose And Uses A Features Of Latest Android 10 Here A Features Of ROM Are Listed Below And How To Install The ROM In Your Device Is Also Instructed
                                      Before Install The ROM You Need To Install TWRP In Your Redmi Note 9 Pro Device



                                      • 20 Accent Colors
                                      • 5 Lock Screen Clock Styles
                                      • Pixel 2019 Wallpapers
                                      • Pixel Theme Picker


                                      • 4G | LTE Icon Toggle
                                      • Brightness Control
                                      • Network Traffic Activity
                                      • VoLTE Toggle


                                      • Force Close Notifications
                                      • In Call Vibrations
                                      • Kill App Button
                                      • Notification light Configuration

                                      Quick Settings:

                                      • Bottom Brightness Slider Toggle
                                      • Gaming Mode Quick Settings Tile
                                      • Quick Pull down (Left/Right)
                                      • Quick Settings Rows & Columns Customization
                                      • Tile Titles Toggle


                                      • AOSP Gestures
                                      • Back Gesture Height Config
                                      • Double Tap to Sleep Lock screen
                                      • Double Tap To Sleep Status Bar
                                      • Screen Off Power Button Torch
                                      • Swipe To Screenshot


                                      • Fingerprint Authentication Vibration Toggle
                                      • Lock Screen Charging Info
                                      • Lock Screen Music Visualizer
                                      • Lock Screen Shortcuts
                                      • Media Artwork Toggle
                                      • Pocket Detection
                                      • Status bar visibility toggle


                                      • Invert Layout
                                      • Hide Navigation Bar
                                      • Change Button Style

                                      Hardware Buttons:

                                      • Power Menu Customization
                                      • Volume Rocker Cursor Control
                                      • Volume Rocker Playback Control
                                      • Volume Rocker Wake


                                      • Alarm Blocker
                                      • Default USB Config
                                      • Wakelock Blocker
                                      • Wake On Charge
                                      For Installing Evolution X ROM In Redmi Note 9 Pro Device We Provide All Requirements With A Links And Installation Procedure Follow The Procedure: 

                                      Requirements For Install ROM:

                                      • Evolution X Custom ROM For Redmi Note 9 Pro Download 
                                      • GApps Download (Choose Platform-Arm, Version Android-10.0, Variant- Nano, Pico Or Others)
                                      • Magisk Manager Download For Root Purpose
                                      • Original Data Cable
                                      • Battery Percentage More Than 50% For Mobile Phone While Installing A ROM
                                      • PC | Laptop
                                      • External Storage | Pen-Drive 

                                      Install Evolution X ROM Procedure:

                                      • First Download And Copy The Evolution X ROM, GApps, Magisk In Internal Storage | SD-Card. External SD Card | External Storage Is The Best Choice
                                      • Then Go To Phone's TWRP Recovery Mode. Long Press Power Button And Choose Recovery Option(If You Already Installed Any Custom ROM) OR Power Off Your Device And Then Continuously Press Volume Up + Power Button For 1-2 Min Phone Automatically Reboot In Recovery Mode 
                                      • After Entering The Custom Recovery Mode Take A Backup Of Your Current ROM. Choose Backup Option If Already Backup Then Skip This Step
                                      • Then, Select Wipe Option And Make A Full Wipe(System, Data, Cache, Dalvik). 
                                      • After That, Select Install Option In Recovery Mode And Select The ROM File And Flash The Evolution X ROM File Respectively.
                                      • Now Again, Wipe The Cache And Reboot The Device.
                                      • If You Want To Root Your Evolution X ROM, Than Again Select Install Option And Choose Magisk Zip File And Flash Magisk
                                      • Enjoy The Evolution X ROM On Redmi Note 9 Pro Device
                                      • First Boot Takes 15-20 Min

                                      Review The Evolution X ROM In A Comment Box And If Any Error Occurs While Installing OR After Installing A ROM Mentioned In A Comment Box 

                                      Thursday, July 16, 2020

                                      LineageOS ROM For Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro

                                      Sujit Thorat
                                      Lineage-OS is An Open-Source and Free Operating System Which is Based on The Android Platform. It is The Successor To The Custom MOD Of The CyanogenMod, Which Shut Down Its Operation in December 2016. However Cyanogen. Inc Retained The Rights to The Custom MOD and Gave A Re-Branding To It As Lineage OS.
                                      Lineage-OS 17 Will Be Based On The Latest Android 10 and It Comes With All The Android 10 Features and Lineage Customization Options Which Allows Users To Be More Advanced. Now We Can Enjoy Lineage OS 17.1 on Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro  By Flashing This Custom ROM, Before Installing A ROM You Need To ROOT YOUR REDMI NOTE 8 | 8 PRO

                                      Features Of ROM: 

                                      • Boot
                                      • Bluetooth
                                      • Camera 
                                      • Hardware Encryption
                                      • Double Tap to Wake
                                      • VoLTE
                                      • Fingerprint Sensor
                                      • IR Blaster
                                      • RIL (LTE/Dual SIM/SMS)
                                      • GPS
                                      • WiFi
                                      • WiFi Hotspot (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz)
                                      • USB (ADB/MTP/PTP)
                                      • Video Playback
                                      • Sensors
                                      • Touch
                                      • Adaptive Brightness
                                      • LED Light: For Redmi Note 8


                                      • New Wallpaper Collection
                                      • All Side Rotation
                                      • Font Size | Style Change
                                      • Notch Behavior
                                      • Double Tap To Sleep | Wake Up
                                      • Night Light

                                      Lock Screen:

                                      • Weather Information
                                      • Clock Setting
                                      • Face Unlock
                                      • Fingerprint Unlock
                                      • Lock Screen Message

                                      Status Bar:

                                      • Notification Toggle
                                      • Network Speed
                                      • Clock Position
                                      • Brightness Slider
                                      • Battery Icon Customization
                                      • Admin Profile
                                      • Mute Notification


                                      • Network Connections
                                      • Display Setting
                                      • Battery Customization
                                      • Digital Wellbeing and Parental Control
                                      • Privacy Option
                                      • All Account Support
                                      • Gestures
                                      • Button Customize


                                      • FM Radio Not Working Properly
                                      • Camera Wide | Macro Lens is Buggy

                                      We Already Discuss About Unlock Boot-Loader And Install Custom Recovery In Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Device, Now We Provide All The Requirements Also With A Links And Installation Procedure Just Follow The Instruction Carefully 

                                      Requirement For Installation:

                                      • LineageOS ROM: Redmi Note 8 Click Here | Redmi Note 8 Pro Click Here
                                      • Custom Recovery: TWRP Recovery Note 8 Click Here and Redmi Note 8 Pro Click Here For Both Separate Download 
                                      • GApps(Optional): Not To Be Required For This ROM (Included In ROM)
                                      • Magisk For Root Purpose Click Here 
                                      • PC | Laptop
                                      • Battery Percentage More Than 50% In Phone
                                      • Best Data Cable

                                      Install Lineage OS ROM: 

                                      • At First Download And Copy The LineageOS ROM, Magisk In Internal Storage | SD-Card. External Storage Is The Best Option
                                      • Then Go to Phone's TWRP Recovery. Continuously Pressing Volume Up + Power Button After Power Off The Device OR Choose Recovery Mode Option With Long Pressing Power Buttons Menu  
                                      • After Entering The Custom Recovery Take A Backup Of Your Current ROM
                                      • Then, In A Recovery Mode Select Wipe And  Make A Full Wipe(System, Data, Cache, Dalvik) 
                                      • After That Flash The LineageOS ROM File Respectively. Choose Install Option And Select ROM File.
                                      • Now Again Wipe The Cache And Reboot Device.
                                      • If You Want To Root Your Current ROM, Than Again Choose Install Option In Recovery And Flash Magisk File
                                      • Enjoy The Lineage OS Custom Rom On Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Device
                                      • First Boot Takes 15-20 Min 

                                      If Any Errors Occurs While Installing A ROM OR After Installation Mentioned In A Comment Box

                                      Sunday, July 12, 2020

                                      Bypass Android Lock Screen 2020

                                      Sujit Thorat
                                      Insights Into The 2.3 Billion Android Smartphones in Use Around The World and For The Security Of There Device Put The Screen Lock as A Pin, Password and Pattern Lock Or Some Additional Security With A Their Finger Lock and Face Lock 
                                      Some Times To Open Additional Security To Open Device Needs To Open A Screen Lock After an Hour And Several Times, and Some Time We Forgetting Password in Hurry So Here Is A Solution To Unlock Your Device
                                      NOTE: After Unlocking Your Device Its Looses All Data


                                      • Open Google in Other Device and PC And Type Android Device Manager | Find My Device and Open First Link Or Go To This Link   
                                      • After Opening Link Sign In Using That Account Which Account Already In Phone Who Want To Unlock 
                                      • Your Phone Must Connect With A Internet Of  Phone Or You Should Connect Your Phone With A Local WiFi
                                      • And Choose A Erase Device and Click On Erase Device
                                      • Your Device Will Erase and All Data and Restart 
                                      • Now You Can Confirm Your Device Just Sign In With Same Google Account and Set Up The Device.

                                      With Using This Method You Can Also Find Your Device Which Forgotten In Silent Mode Just Click On A Play Sound And Phone Will Ring For A Several Time And You Can Easily Find It.

                                      Thursday, July 9, 2020

                                      Unlock OPPO Mobile Phone Latest Method

                                      Sujit Thorat

                                      How To Remove Password OPPO Mobile Pattern Lock | Password Lock | Pin Lock Using PC | Laptop

                                      Android Phone Is Now A Days First Choice Of The People After The Food. We Spend Time  At-least 1/3 Time With The Phone, Uses Of  Phone By A Person With Various Purposes, and The Most Important Thing Is A Security Of Our Phone, Some Time We Secure Our Phone With A Pattern | Password | Pin For A Safety Of Our Data, Or A Protect Our Data | Phone From A Strange Person.
                                      But Sometimes In A Hurry Or By Mistake They Forget The Password in Their Phone That's Why They Suffering From A Various Conditions Even Some Times To Open Their Phone Do A They Also Does What They Has To Do and Some Results The Phone Have Brick Or Can't Be Used After That. 

                                      Earlier We Reset Our Device Throw A Recovery Mode But  New Android Security Will Also Requires A Password For  Reset Device In A Recovery Mode.
                                      If You Forget Your Email ID Or Password To Open Your Device After Opening The Device Google Security Ask For Confirming It I Have Also Solution For It.

                                      Note: After A Unlocking Device All Previous Data Will Be Lost


                                      • NCK Dongle Android MTK  Google Drive Link  
                                      • NCK Dongle Android MTK  MEGA Link 
                                      • Device Must Be Charge Up To 50% 
                                      • Original Data Cable (For Device Connect With PC)
                                      • Device Driver (Which OPPO Phone Connect)

                                      How To Unlock OPPO Device:

                                      • First Of All Connect Your Locked Device With The PC/Laptop and Open File Explorer In A PC/Laptop 
                                      • On Devices and Drivers Menu Shows Your OPPO Device And OPPO Device's Driver, Then Click On A Driver And Install It To Your PC | Laptop
                                      • You Also Need To Install Your Device Driver Externally If Your Device Doesn't Connect (Rare Cases)
                                      • Open A File Where  NCK Dongle Android MTK Driver Downloaded and Extract The Zip File
                                      • Now, Open NCK Dongle Android MTK Driver  In Your PC/Laptop App Shows Welcome Bar And Click On OK Button
                                      • Then Click  NCK Dongle Android MTK Driver version  and Its Automatically Launch (If Its Doesn't Then You Need To Install Device Driver Properly)
                                      • On First Menu Main Choose Phone Setting According To Your Phone Or Choose Default MT6752 
                                      • Go To Third Menu Service and Choose Reboot Phone FACTORY REBOOT and Click Reboot Phone in  SELECTED MODE 
                                      • Now Press And Hold POWER Button and And Power-Off Device and System Automatically Reset Your Device 
                                      • After That The Interface Will Shows Eight Option In A Chinese Language But Don't Worry There is Solution Press Volume Down Button and Choose  Six Option With Power Button Last Four Alphabet in English Contains eMMC.  and Wait For Some Time and Phone Will Reboot
                                      • Then, Connect Your Local WiFi and Enter Your Email and Password For Confirming and Continue Using It. 

                                      If You Forget Your Email ID Or Password Then Follow The Steps:  

                                      • After Opening The Device The Device Ask For Last Email ID and Password For Confirming A User But You Don't Matter It
                                      • Setup Your Device First Choose Your Language and Click On Next
                                      • After That On Connect To WiFi Option Click On Manually Add a Network  Because You Can't A Skip That Procedure If You Already Add A Google ID In A Device
                                      • On A Name You Should Wrote Name ABC and Then Take A Space 
                                      • Then Press On ABC Name For While and The Options Shows "Cut-Copy-Paste-Assist" Select Assist 
                                      • When You Select Assist Its Automatically Open Google Just Type On Google Setting Choose A Setting
                                      • Open Setting and Go To Additional Setting and Then Go To Additional Settings And Click On Factory Data Reset Choose First Erase All App Data and Apps That Can Be Uninstalled and Phone Will Be Reboot 
                                      • Now You Set-up Your Device As A New Device.

                                      Sunday, July 5, 2020

                                      Pixel Experience ROM For Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro

                                      Sujit Thorat
                                      Pixel Experience Custom ROM For Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Which Brings All the Google Pixel Phone Features On  Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro. This Custom ROM is Known As Google Pixel Experience ROM. Now We Can Download and Install Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Based On Android 10

                                      Pixel Experience ROM Description:

                                      Pixel Experience ROM Features Are Listed Below:
                                      • All Google Apps
                                      • Pixel Launcher With Round Icon Support
                                      • Pixel Boot Animation
                                      • Google Assistant
                                      • Pixel Sounds
                                      • Pixel Live Wallpapers
                                      • Root
                                      • Round Icon For Settings
                                      • Pixel’s Blue Accent
                                      • WiFi
                                      • GApps Included
                                      • RIL
                                      • Mobile Data
                                      • GPS
                                      • Camera
                                      • Flashlight
                                      • Camcorder
                                      • Bluetooth
                                      • FM Radio
                                      • Fingerprint Reader
                                      • NFC
                                      • Lights
                                      • Sound | Vibration


                                      Status Bar:

                                      • Notification Toggle
                                      • Mute App Notification
                                      • Show | Hide Network Speed
                                      • Clock Position
                                      • Battery Icon Change
                                      • Noutch Behaviour
                                      • Expand Notification
                                      • Smart Replay
                                      • Brightness Slider
                                      • Custom Status Bar Icon


                                      • Home Screen Setting
                                      • Add Widgets
                                      • Style And Wallpaper
                                      • Notification Dots
                                      • Add Icon On Home Screen
                                      • Rotation All Side Home Screen
                                      • Custom Icons
                                      • Grid Option

                                      Lock Screen:

                                      • Show | Hide Clock
                                      • Double Tap To Sleep 
                                      • Unlock With Trusted Devices
                                      • Smart Unlock
                                      • Lock Screen Notification
                                      • Hide | Mute Notification
                                      • Lock Screen Message


                                      • Latest Security Package
                                      • Google Play Protect
                                      • Find My Device
                                      • Face Unlock
                                      • Fingerprint Unlock
                                      • Device Admin App
                                      • Trusted Agents
                                      • Screen Pinning


                                      • Jump To Camera Gestures
                                      • System Navigation
                                      • Prevent Ringing
                                      • Swipe To Screenshot
                                      • Power Menu Options
                                      • Long Press Torch
                                      • Answer A Call With Buttons
                                      • Keyboard Cursor Control
                                      • Network Traffic Monitor
                                      • Clock Position 
                                      • Battery Status Style
                                      • Brightness Control
                                      • Quick Pull Down
                                      • Vibrate On Touch

                                      Before Installing Pixel Experience ROM On Redmi Note 8|8 Pro Devices, We Need To Install TWRP Recovery And Root Our Device Check: How To Root Redmi 8 | 8 Pro Install TWRP

                                      Requirement For Install Pixel Experience ROM:

                                      How To Install Pixel Experience ROM In Redmi Note 8 | Pro

                                      • At First Download And Copy The Pixel Experience ROM In Internal Storage | SD-Card External SD Card Is The Best Choice
                                      • Then Go to Phone's TWRP Recovery Press Volume Up + Power Button At Same Time Continuously
                                      • After Entering The Custom Recovery Take A Backup  Of Your Current ROM | System
                                      • Make A Full Wipe (System, Data, Cache, Dalvik) Choose Wipe And Select All Except Storage If ROM Place In Phone Storage
                                      • After That Flash The Rom File Respectively Select Install And Choose Pixel ROM File 
                                      • Now Wipe The Cache and Reboot The Device.
                                      • If You Want to Root Your ROM Than Just Choose Install Again and Flash Magisk
                                      • Enjoy The Pixel Experience Custom ROM On Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Device
                                      • First Boot Takes 15-20 Min 
                                      • If You Face Any Problem Regarding Installation Of ROM OR After Flashing A ROM Mentioned In A Comment Box

                                      Thursday, July 2, 2020

                                      Root Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro | Install TWRP

                                      Sujit Thorat
                                      Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Device Root And TWRP Recovery Procedure Mentioned Below Just Follow The Procedure Step By Step And Root Your Device 
                                      Rooting an Android Device Means That We Have Complete Control Over Our Smartphone Like Once We Root Our Phone We Have Full Permission to Edit System Files, Restricted Codes, and Much More. We Can Do Whatever We Want On Our Android Device.


                                      Unlock Boot-loader Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro:

                                      • Unlocked Boot-Loader is Necessary For The TWRP Installation.
                                      • Must Note After Unlocking Your Device Data Will Erase So Before Take A Backup Of Your Device
                                      • For Unlock Boot-loader Of Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Follow The Instruction Given Below
                                      • First, Enable Developers Option by Heading To The Settings > About Phone > Tap MIUI Version 7 times.
                                      • Enable USB Debugging Mode. Settings > Additional Settings > Toggle USB Debugging Option
                                      • Then Go To Developer Option In Mi Unlocker And Send A Request For Unlock(Device Must Connect With Internet Mobile Data Not With WiFi)
                                      • Download Xiaomi Mi Unlocker Tool  In Your PC | Laptop
                                      • Connect Your Device With A USB Cable And Start To Unlock Your Device(USB Cable Must Use Original)
                                      • After Than Power Off Your Device And Continuously Press Volume Down + Power Button And Open Fastboot Mode Of Your Device
                                      • Connect Your Device With USB Cable In Fastboot Mode 
                                      • Open Mi Unlocker Tool In Your PC | Laptop And Press A Start Button
                                      • After Unlock Your Device Automatically Restart And Data Will Erase

                                      Install TWRP in Redmi 8 | 8 Pro: 

                                      • Extract ADB and Fastboot Tools
                                      • Press Shift + Right Mouse Click in The Same Folder To Open CMD OR Powershell Window Here.
                                      • Connect Your Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Device With PC | Laptop With A USB Cable.
                                      • Now Turn Off the Device And Execute The Following Command to Reboot Into The Boot loader Mode. (Note: Press OK If A Popup To “Allow USB Debugging” Comes.) Type OR Copy These Command
                                      adb reboot bootloader
                                      • Now To Flash, The TWRP Make Sure To Execute The Following Command After Renaming The Recovery File To twrp.img. and Type-A command 
                                      fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
                                      • Now, Reboot Your Device Upon Typing The Below Command. (Note: Sometimes The Stock ROM Replaces The TWRP In Order To Prevent That Hold The Volume UP + Power Key After Typing The Below Command.)
                                      fastboot reboot
                                      • Now Normally Reboot The Device From TWRP and Enjoy The TWRP Recovery.
                                      • Now We Have Successfully Installed The TWRP on Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Phone

                                      Root Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro:

                                      • Power Off Your Device And Boot Into Recovery Mode By Pressing The Volume Up + Power Button For 30-50 Seconds And Open Custom Recovery 
                                      • Open Custom Recovery and Select Wipe > Advance Wipe > Select Cache Data.
                                      • Now, Return to TWRP Home And Select Install.
                                      • Browse For Disable DM-Verity Force
                                      • After Installation, Now-Again Select Install from TWRP Home.
                                      • Browse Magisk File And Install It(For Root Redmi Note 8 | 8 Pro Device)
                                      • Now, Reboot Device and Enjoy The Root Access via Magisk Manager.